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2X Bio Sanitiser Concentrate

A low toxicity dual-purpose product that cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces such as floors, paintwork, working surfaces, stainless steel etc. in one operation.
  • An excellent general-purpose sanitiser based on natural organic biocide and plant extracts.
  • Enables cleaning and sanitising to be carried out simultaneously.
  • Effective in all water conditions.
  • Can be used for cleaning and sanitising food utensils, glasses, crockery and all types of kitchen equipment.
  • Suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces including plastics, laminates, glass and stainless steel.
  • No residual organoleptic effect when used to clean stainless steel surfaces under normal cleaning conditions.
  • Efficiently hinders limescale build-up.
  • Suitable for use in high-risk infection areas e.g. public washrooms, health care environments.
  • An outstanding disinfectant with bactericidal and virucidal properties.
  • 2x2L

Manufactured to ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 Standards.

Technical Advice


  1. Bio Sanitiser Concentrate should be used at a 10% dilution.


  1. Apply Bio Sanitiser via trigger spray, cloth or brush.
  2. Leave for at least 30 seconds and wipe with a clean cloth.


  1. Use a mechanical fogging machine as part of the terminal disinfection routine with a solution diluted to 10%.
  2. Shut down any ventilation systems during the disinfection.
  3. Apply at a rate of one litre of solution per 100 m³.
  4. Leave the room during the fogging.
  5. Users may re-enter the treated area once the fog has dispersed.

Appearance: Pale brown liquid

pH: <5.0

Relative Density: 1.04

Odour: Characteristic

Solubility: Fully miscible in water

Under recommended conditions of use suitable for use on most materials commonlyencountered. Do not use on marble or other acid-sensitive materials.

Safety Specification

Skin Corr. 1B: H314

Inhalation: Inhalation of vapour may cause shortness of breath. Move the exposed person to fresh air. Seek medical attention.

Eye contact: Causes burns. Causes severe inflammation and may damage the cornea. Wash with water. Seek medical attention.

Skin contact: Causes burns. Wash off immediately with plenty of soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing. Seek medical attention if irritation or symptoms persist.

Ingestion: Ingestion causes burns to the respiratory tract. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

  • See visual information warning signs on the bottle.
  • Full guidance on the handling and safe use of the product can be obtained from the Safety Data Sheet. Store in original container.
  • Avoid extremes of temperature.